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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

   What day is it tommorrow? It is Valentine's Day. Also the day when you go straight home with a boat load of candy, pack, drive, and get on a plane because I am going to San Diego! My cousins live there and they have a huge house so I am all like, "WOOOOO!" Their house was on the cover of Country living which is pretty cool.
So it has been one weird day at school today. Basically, their is this maniac in my class named Stephen and all he does is play video game and get on people's nerves. For example: At my school we send lollipops to each other on Valentine's Day. Our lollipops have been sitting in our classroom for a while and people have kind of going through it. Anyways, this pittyful kid Stephen made a lollipop for himself from his "Secret Admirer." But, here's the catch, my friend, Camille wrote him two lollipops from a "Secret Admierer" as a joke. When Stephen was going through it he found one of Camille's lollipops to him and now everybody thinks I wrote it. Why would I write Stephen one, he's creepy!!!
    The girls and I have been having many problems with Stephen and are going to write the principal a letter. Stephen swears at school, has horrible outburst, plays extremely violent video games, has knifes in his room, and knows how to shoot a gun. Creepy, huh. He tells girls that he hates them and calls me Tannicka?? Enough on this narsacistic freak.

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