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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gosh, it is Winter break and my mom has to work and I am home alone all day! My friend was supposed to pick me up after lunch but she canceled one hour before the date! That is very outragous because I am home alone all day!! What is her problem, she canceled on me to stay in Tahoe. We were supposed to take her tommorrow but now we have her for about an hour and a half but I am outraged because my mom took all day off tommorrow and it is very hard to get off work and her boss was not happy.

Tommorrow, I am going to church camp in Santa Cruz. I am not happy because it has been especially cold there lately and lets say I like the cold but, when you live California, you don't like it.

On thursday, I got a lousy test grade in Grammar class. Luckily, there was extra credit because a lot of people didn't do that well. I was going to do it for sure because in knew that C- would affect my grade but... I left my stuff at home and I feel like a total dufus.

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